1. Website functionability

Website must be fully functional. Content must be added. Internal hyperlinks must work

2. For legal entities

Web store of a legal entity must be multi-page. There must be two or more pages and not less than two goods / services

3. For individuals and sole proprietorships

Single-page (landing page) websites are acceptable

4. Public access

Website must be in a public domain and not ask for a login / password to enter.

5. Test access

Test access must be provided for connecting to the service of a web store Personal Account. Personal account and the main website should be in the same domain

6. Legislation

Goods / services offered in the web store must not contradict the applicable laws of the countries where the service is provided.

7. The following must be available on your store website:

8. Description and characteristics

Goods and services sold by your web store must have a detailed description, characteristics, consumer properties and price

9. Single domain name

All pages that are linked by the sale of goods, works, services on the store website must be under a single domain name.

lease note that these are basic requirements for web stores connected, but each application will be considered individually.