bill_line Enhances Athletic Experience at Piddubny Olympic College


The bill_line company recently delivered sports uniforms to students at the Piddubny Olympic College, focusing on the boxing and freestyle wrestling departments. Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility since its establishment, bill_line recognizes the role businesses play in societal well-being, with a particular emphasis on the younger generation as the key to a successful future.

A total of 70 sets of sports uniforms were presented to the college, aiming to enhance the comfort of athletes during competitions while fostering a cohesive and identifiable style for college representatives. The choice to collaborate with the Piddubny Olympic College was deliberate, considering the institution’s rich history of nurturing champions and medalists in global competitions, European championships, and Ukrainian contests over its more than half-century existence.

Expressing gratitude for the partnership and support of Ukrainian sports, Principal Oleksandr Moskalenko acknowledged bill_line’s contribution. “The new sports uniforms not only provide our students with essential gear but also play a crucial role in building a unified sports community within the college. This serves as a means to motivate and inspire our young athletes towards new accomplishments,” he noted.

Maksym Boronenko, Chief Operating Officer of bill_line, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We firmly believe that supporting young athletes is an investment in the future of the country. The new uniforms are expected to enhance the training of college students, propelling them to achieve greater sporting heights.”