bill_line Supported Revitalization of Pediatric Rehabilitation Center


bill_line renovated the physical and psychological rehabilitation rooms at Children’s Hospital No. 7 in Kyiv. This innovative upgrade in equipment is set to elevate the quality of life for young patients dealing with congenital physical and psychoneurological challenges, while also expediting the recovery process for children following injuries and illnesses.

Even amidst the full-scale invasion by Russia, bill_line remains committed to its social projects. The reason for this is simple: after February 24th, most charitable organizations shifted their focus solely towards addressing the needs of the military. Unfortunately, pediatric illnesses do not pause during times of war. On the contrary, each day sees an increase in the number of injured children from liberated territories and regions directly impacted by active combat.

To enhance the physical and emotional well-being of patients, bill_line invested in modern equipment, including:

  • Treatment tables
  • Exercise bike
  • Cuff weights
  • Sensory complexes
  • Massage mats, and more
  • Swings, and more

Initiated in December 2022, the renovation process culminated in the summer of 2023, when the revamped rehabilitation center welcomed its first patients.

“Rehabilitation procedures are an integral part of the treatment for children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as cerebral palsy, childhood cerebral anemia, spastic dysplastic hemiplegia, as well as for young patients dealing with autism, attention deficit, hyperactivity, and other psychological disorders. These diagnoses are often accompanied by limitations in physical activity, developmental delays, and social challenges. Rehabilitation measures play a pivotal role in comprehensively improving the quality of life for such patients,” remarks Dr. Lyubov Zabudska, Director of Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 7.

The sensory room, designed for psychological relief, caters to children with neurotic disorders, acute vegetovascular reactions, and anxiety. The occupational therapy chamber, offering a range of activities to restore everyday functionality, provides assistance to children with reduced muscle tone, weak blood circulation, and joint discomfort.